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Total Resource Management

Total Resource Management



Maple Leaf Forestry Ltd. (MLF) is a leading natural resource consulting firm providing services and solutions for the forestry, mining, and environmental sectors throughout Western Canada since 1996.

Our Team

Our Cranbrook based company includes a diversity of professional expertise which can meet and exceed the planning and implementation needs of government, industry and the private sector.

John Anderson, RPF


Shane Holley, RFT

General Manager

Glen Williamson, RFT

Business Manager

Mark Schnider, BSc Geo

GIS Manager, Health & Safety Coordinator

Scott Blissett, RPF

Project Forester

Chris Britton-Foster, RPF, BIT, MSFM

Project Manager

Adam Flintoft, RFT

GIS Technologist

Kim Green, PGeo, PhD.

Will Halleran, PGeo, L.Eng

Our Standards

Our Standards

We offer high-quality results and innovative approaches to a wide range of resource management needs, ranging from field data collection to permit applications and forest stewardship plans. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality product for our clients in the most cost efficient manner.

Our Services

Our services are based on a foundation of strong fundamentals in the resource and environmental industry. Our clients can draw on the expertise of professionals who have many years of experience in a diverse range of resource management disciplines.

  • Forestry

    We offer innovative approaches to a wide range of forestry management needs, ranging from field data collection to permit applications and forest stewardship plans. Our staff has an extensive range of skills that provide creative and comprehensive solutions to challenging problems.

  • Project Implementation

    Maple Leaf Forestry Ltd. is a full phase integrated resource service contractor with the capacity of acting as a prime contractor. We have a reputation for delivering on our commitments and pride ourselves in providing quality and cost effective solutions to all of our clients’ needs.

  • Forestry Field Engineering

    As part of our full phase forestry development services, Maple Leaf Forestry Ltd. provides high quality forestry field engineering for all of our clients. We employ a dedicated staff of professionals who work closely with our clients to develop innovative solutions for their specific needs.

  • Arboriculture & Urban Forestry

    Urban forestry is the care and management of the urban forest. Our diverse staff of International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) certified arborists, professional foresters, ISA certified tree risk assessors and GIS specialists can provide a comprehensive approach to urban forest management.

  • GIS & Mapping

    Our GIS department has wide-ranging capabilities in programming, analysis, and cartography. We can provide expert resources and application development to a range of sectors, including forestry, mining, environmental, utilities, rural and urban development.

  • Environmental Monitoring & Assessment

    Prior to the completion of projects within natural or urban areas an environmental assessment can predict where conflicts may occur and can help develop plans to mitigate any potential harmful effects.

  • Invasive Plant Control

    Invasive plants are non-native species that choke out native vegetation and disrupt ecosystems. They infest fields, forests, city streets, backyards, highways, bare ground, and industrial areas. Landowners and land managers are legally required to control invasive plants on their premises (BC Weed Control Act Section 2).  Maple Leaf Forestry Ltd. offers vegetation management services to […]




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Forest Lands Full Phase Development Services

Published on May 19 by Mapleleaf Category: Tags:

Kikomun1Maple Leaf Forestry (MLF) was contracted to complete full-phase development services for private managed forest lands and crown land forest tenures. MLF was involved from the start to finish taking care of all aspects of permitting which included MOTI access permits (eDAS submissions), road use agreements, utility R/W access permits, road permit preparation and submissions (ESF/FTA), and in-stream work applications. Development of “Riparian Best Management Practices” to expedite stream crossing approvals through government, permitting and supervision of “in stream” works for erosion control and enhanced fish habitat. Communications with First nations and local community groups were had in regards to referral document preparation, letter of notifications, and negotiations. All appraisal data preparation and submissions (ECAS) was handled which included engineered cost estimates, cycle time calculations, timber valuation, acquiring timber marks, and timber cruising and cruise compilations.

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Invasive Plants Control Program

Published on May 19 by Mapleleaf Category: Tags:

weed-id-100_3340MLF was contracted by the City of Cranbrook and the City of Kimberley to mitigate noxious and invasive plants throughout the city. MLF identified infestation zones, applied herbicide or removed the weeds mechanically, and monitored the effectiveness of treatments using integrated pest management principles. With thorough and persistent control methods, MLF successfully reduced established infestations dramatically while decreasing the spread of noxious and invasive plants.

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Utility Line Vegetation Management & Hazard Tree Assessment

Published on March 22 by Mapleleaf Category: Tags:


Client: BC Hydro


MLF was contracted by BC Hydro to participate in the vegetation management program. The program was designed to manage the vegetation beneath Hydro power lines while maintaining a percentage for the purposes of wildlife and habitat. Special considerations are taken whenever a riparian area is encountered in order to protect the water course and all its attributes important to both human and animal use. The hazard tree component was designed to not only identify those trees which were in imminent danger of failing onto Hydro lines but to identify those which were not immediately hazardous but above a safety threshold and requiring removal to avert the hazard.

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Kikomun Creek Provincial Park Ecosystem Restoration

Published on March 22 by Mapleleaf Category: Tags:


MLF was contracted by the Ministry of Environment – BC Parks to manage and implement ecosystem restoration prescriptions in Kikomun Creek Provincial Park. These include wildlife/danger tree assessment, permitting temporary road access and rehabilitation. MLF was also directly involved in the supervision of tree removal/thinning in preparation for prescribed burns to emulate natural conditions and enhance wildlife habitat.

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