Project Description

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) team at Maple Leaf Forestry recognizes the value that spatial services provide to our clients. As the digital world evolves, the resource management industry is becoming increasingly reliant on the technology utilized by our GIS team. Spatial analysis and cartographic products – from basic area calculations to landscape-level development planning maps – are a component of many of our clients’ projects. Maple Leaf Forestry can provide a GIS product tailored to your project and budget. Clients can expect professional-grade products, data insights, and services from our knowledgeable team.

Mapping and data products can be provided in a variety of formats and sizes. Maps can be provided electronically in georeferenced PDF format, or printed on a variety of paper sizes up to 42″ on our colour plotter.

Some of our common products/services include:

  • Data analysis – identifying spatial relationships, calculating and associating data values and generating detailed reports
  • Data generation, processing or editing of raw GPS field data, and utilizing existing standardized datasets to meet project needs
  • Mapping of all levels – from cruise plans to site plans, clearing prescriptions, proposed mine developments, and more
  • Digitizing and GPS field data capture
  • Remote sensing data processing & utilization including LiDAR
  • Long-term data management
  • Data preparation for structured government submissions
GIS Mapping