Project Description

Mining Services

Maple Leaf Forestry’s professionals provide services to the mining industry including activities related to exploration, development, reclamation, safety, environmental protection, ecosystem restoration, and research.

Services include:

  • Assessing how treatments (including timber removal) could result in revenues to offset the cost of operations
  • Engaging communities and First Nations in determining issues or concerns and incorporating input into the planning process
  • Acquiring permits and providing guidance on complying with the pertinent legislation
  • Inventory of resource values for establishing a biodiversity baseline
  • Ecosystem restoration planning and implementation for the re-establishment of terrestrial and aquatic baseline conditions
  • Environmental protection and compliance monitoring
  • Road layout and engineering
  • Road development and land clearing supervision
  • Site preparation, revegetation, and wildlife habitat enhancement operations supervision
  • Providing recommendations related to public safety
  • Developing and applying Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for stream crossings, timber harvesting, waste disposal and land reclamation
  • Safety program administration