Project Description

Total Resource Management Planning and Operations

Our team of professionals can assist in all aspects of resource development including initial planning; consultations with the public, First Nations, and other stakeholders; developing operational plans; supervising operations; and professional assurances of regulatory requirements at project completion.

Maple Leaf Forestry provides the following forestry services:

  • Preparation of permit applications for cutting permits for Crown timber, road permits for new access development, private land timbermarks, mine and quarry permits for mineral extraction, and water use approvals
  • Preparation of notifications required by natural resource ministries, such as conducting works within a stream
  • Cutblock and road layout, site plan development, and cost estimates for all phases of development
  • Third-party professional endorsement for logging compliance at project completion
  • Timber cruising, timber valuations, and timber appraisals
  • Supervision of road construction and logging activities
  • Wildland-Urban interface fire assessments, planning and treatments
  • Forest health surveys, assessments, and treatments
  • Waste & residue surveys and compilation
  • Subcontractor rate negotiations and contract execution

We have extensive experience in providing services on Crown and private land for:

  • Forest tenures (cutting permits, woodlots, occupant licences-to-cut, tree farms, and timber sale licenses)
  • Private managed forests
  • Transmission and utility line easements
  • Real estate transactions and subdivision developments
  • Individuals’ private land