Project Description

Transmission Line / Utility Planning and Implementation

Maple Leaf Forestry has extensive experience in providing transmission line development and vegetation maintenance activities for some of BC’s major power producers.

Our expertise includes:

  • Developing clearing plans for new transmission line easements
  • On-the-ground layout of clearing areas and road design with attention to special ecosystem features, wildlife features, and safety hazards
  • Danger tree assessments, transmission line hazard tree assessments including forest health concerns, and vegetation management prescriptions
  • Assessing timber volumes, species inventories, and timber valuations
  • Assessing terrain stability, hydrological impacts, fish habitat and streams, fire hazards and sediment erosion control measures
  • Bridge and road layout and engineering
  • Preparing cost estimates, clearing specifications, permit applications, and contract document preparation and tender.
  • Conducting surveys including waste and residue and bird nesting surveys
  • Supervising clearing and access operations
  • Environmental monitoring